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No-one likes to think about their own death, and this is why most people don’t make a will. As a result many people die every year without a Will and the estate either goes to distant relatives who are legally the next of kin or, in some cases to the Crown. B J McKenna are specialists in wills & probate law in Stockport, South Manchester & North Cheshire – and we can help.

Those you leave behind may also find administering your affairs much harder and end up paying more inheritance tax. It’s especially important that you make a will if you have young children, a handicapped spouse, you are separated or divorced, or you have an unmarried partner.

How we can help with your Will.

The only way to be sure who is to inherit your estate after you die is to make a properly drafted Will.

Wills cost less than most people think: We offer a fixed fee Will Service where the cost is fixed by agreement with you. Home and hospital visits that are local can be arranged at no extra charge for those unable due to age or infirmity to reach our offices.

Wills should be reviewed regularly and particularly if certain events occur such as:

  • you get married, separated or divorced
  • you have children
  • you move house
  • one of your executors dies or wishes to stop being an executor
  • a beneficiary dies


Wills & Probate

Why do I need to make a will?

You need to make a will to make sure that any money, property, or assets you hold will go to the people or causes that you want them to after your death.

By making a will you can:

  • Choose who you want as executors, to administer the distribution of your assets and wind up your affairs after death.
  • Prevent financial complications and difficulties for your family.
  • Set out the arrangements you would like for your funeral.
  • Make sure the people you love, such as an unmarried partner or a dependent, receive everything you would like them to have.

If you need to make changes to your will, it is best to have a new one drawn up. If we have drawn your will up then an amended will can be prepared at a reduced price.

You do not need to change your will if your address changes, or one of your beneficiaries or executors changes names – but you should let us know any new addresses/names so we can update our records.


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